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Angélique Kidjo is a Beninese singer, composer-songwriter born July 14th, 1960 in Cotonou, Benin.

She starts to sing from a very young age and become famous when she records her own version of Miriam Makeba's song "Les Trois Z". She then records her first album Pretty in collaboration with Ekambi Brillant, a Cameroonian producer and her brother. The success of this album enables her to tour all around West Africa.


However, political issues in Benin stop her from having a stable career in her own country, so she moves to Paris in 1983. She studies at the Centre d'Informations Musicales, a music school, where she meets her future husband Jean Hebrail. They have a daughter in 1993.


She then gets discovered by Chris Blackwell who offers her a contract in her production company Island Record before signing with Columbia Records in 2000, in New-York.


She continues to perform all around the world and her music, mixing African and Western heritage, is recognized internationally. 



She has 13 albums under her name:

1) Pretty, 2) Logozo, 3) Ayé, 4) Fifa, 5) Oremi

6) Black Ivory Soul, 7) Oyaya!, 8) Djin Djin, 9) ÕŸÖ, 10)Spirit Rising, 

11) Eve, 12) Sings, 13) Remain In Light




3 Golden Globes for Djin Djin, Eve et Sings


She is part of Forbes Afrique's 100 most influential women and is described as "The first African Diva" by Times Magazine.

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Telling my story is to empower people to believe in their own power. We have so much power individually.

-Angélique Kidjo

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